Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sculpting Binkus

I've about had it with polyresin today. I got it all over my pants, got it all over my leg, my arms, my fingers, maybe on the dog, and it kind of smells like a musty basement while the liquid is curing.

I mean, that said, it's awesome to be learning a new craft, despite the learning curve. Despite the hideous, off-putting feeling of a thin layer of plastic surrounding your thumb that you just cannot scrub off. I think I'm going to stop at 30 plastic sculpts. This will be a Comic Con ~exclusive~ if you will. Each one takes 30 minutes to cure (harden) in its mold, then you must meticulously break each one out. Then comes the dremel fun, the sanding, the priming, and the painting.

This is not to say it's not fun. It is! Mostly! It just is time consuming. Limiting the number of sculpts makes them a little more special. I will perhaps, after Comic Con, continue to produce them, but between now and Preview Night, I'm unsure if I can really breach the 30 mark. I also have mini paintings and cards to paint/print/etc.

Cramming for San Diego is like having a freelance job with a breakneck race to a deadline, which I appreciate. Since I'm totally unemployed.

Anyway, here's a grainy iPhone pic of most of my sculpts of the little critter.

I'm already thinking about my next possible sculpts, and other designs I could possibly work from. It's.... it's pretty rad.

When we have a nice, finished, painted one, I'll post that. So you have a better idea of WTF you're looking at.

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Kelly said...

Binkus is adorable. Have a fantastic time at Comic Con - I've always wanted to go!