Monday, January 12, 2009

Hey, Craigslist.

Stop sucking.

How many more ads for artists do I have to see, where the poster isn't offering compensation other than "experience" and in general, a queasy feeling that you just got used like an ugly girl at prom?

Those things do not pay the bills.

Friday, January 2, 2009

spective; retro

2008 sort of sucked.

Look, we're not going to get into the particulars, the why and the how; I just want you to recognize that the year sort of sucked. And let's be done with it.

2009 is being built up as the bestest year ever by people. Optimists. 2008 just sucked so bad, you have to think that whatever is around the corner just has to be great. It just has to be.

I'll reserve my judgment until we're, say, at the halfway mark. So far 2009 for me has just been about wine, cheese, Scrabble, and my Target gift card. I also went to the gym. I wouldn't say it's overly promising but it hasn't disappointed me yet. The jury is out.

I know there are a few things I'm planning to accomplish by year's end. I won't dare call them resolutions. I also won't dare share them here. But I, like everyone else, am looking to 2009 with wide open eyes. 2008, after all, was pretty bad.