Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mocca, etc.

Well, I officially hate my camera. That's what I learned at MoCCA.

My scanner completely and ultimately pooped out on me, and so I wasn't scanning pieces as they were finished, and being that I have a craptastic little Sony point and shoot, I didn't really get any snaps of them at home. It occurred to me once the pieces actually started selling that I didn't have record of them. Duh.

So, utilizing the awful lighting in the Armory, I took some blurry photos of the table.

Not many really turned out too well. Bah.

In this one, I put little asterisks (...which you can't actually see unless you click on the image. ha.) on the ones that I still have, and didn't sell. I actually brought even more in on Sunday, and sold out of all the new items. So out of the 20 or so that I made, the ones you see with the asterisks are all that's left, and going onto etsy in the next day or so.

And quite frankly? I can't decide whether to be upset or glad that this one didn't sell. It's my favorite one. I did it at TCAF and it didn't sell there either. Seriously, people; it's a bird and a donut. How can you turn your back on a bird and a donut? I will probably make a print of this just to have for myself in the event that the original sells either via the blog or etsy.

This was something else I liked, and it sold pretty much right off the bat. A guy pointed at it, and asked his friend if someone would like it, and the friend was like, "If you don't get it for her, I'm going to get it". So that was pretty cool.

The Armory was hotter Sunday than it was Saturday, I think, and a prolonged lunch up the street was most welcome. I then came back and melted awhile. I didn't really get to walk around like I promised myself, except to buy Meredith Gran's excellent third volume of Octopus Pie.

All in all, MoCCA was a fair success. I am looking forward to Comic Con in San Diego, though I know I'll have the opposite issue with the temperature; I will freeze my butt off and run outside for brief moments where I can sit in the sunshine... and watch dudes joust on the terrace.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I didn't bring all of my business cards by accident today, and so they were all snatched up. Some people who may have gone to my website may wonder why they are looking at a blog, and not a real website. Well, let's chalk it up to "not being able to get my crap together in time", and so I just set it to redirect to my blog. It's exciting stuff.

So far, it's going pretty well! I am at home, exhausted, not doing fun stuff, because not only did I do too much fun stuff too late Friday night, but it was hot in the Armory. By the way, MoCCA is in a freaking National Guard Armory. It's sort of strangely forboding, like, you feel like you're trapped inside while the zombie hordes are clamoring outside. It's huge and hot. I was very tired by the end of the day, despite consuming a total of five shots of espresso and one grande iced coffee from Starbucks.

I sold a number of framed pieces, and like I said, gave away all the business cards that I had. I managed to walk around briefly when my friend Nicole arrived. I also acquired the following things:

This great shirt from Squid Fire


This amazing print from artist Stephanie Yue.

I didn't get any books, or much time to look at any; I had to head back to the table to hold the fort down while Joe drew caricatures. Tomorrow I aim to score some more sweet loot, probably including the latest 'Octopus Pie'.

I better take some photos, too. I always forget to. Mostly because I'm stuck sitting behind a table, not wandering around...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dear NBC

Three things.

Number One:
we have enough tv shows where people can read each others' minds. It was a neat episode of 'The X-Files' (i'm... pretty sure it was an episode of the 'x-files'), but let's just move on.

Number Two:
If you're shooting for having a suspenseful drama, don't name the protagonist Toby. Toby. For Chrissakes. Seriously.

Number Three:
Soft lighting works for Tyra Banks, but not for a primetime drama. About reading minds.

If you're wondering what I'm referring to, it's the new summer hiatus time filler The Listener. Why we couldn't just have a night of reruns of '30 Rock' I'll never know.

Oh you crazy kids and your robots and comics

So, MoCCA starts Saturday. A problem I had with TCAF was just that I didn't have the ability/opportunity to make enough originals or to make prints. I'll have a few more originals this time around, and also some prints. I'm emphasizing the words some prints.

But whatever; I'm looking forward to it. The Art Squared table will have all the books of course, including 'Famous Corpses'. I'll be there with my tiny corner reserved for the mini art, and I'll sign copies of 'Famous Corpses' as they sell. I'm interested to see how it sells at this crowd; the NYCC and Mega Con saw a bit of interest, but it was TCAF where people were all over it. I'm assuming because it's a more indie, irreverent crowd? And so is MoCCA. So we'll see.