Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh you crazy kids and your robots and comics

So, MoCCA starts Saturday. A problem I had with TCAF was just that I didn't have the ability/opportunity to make enough originals or to make prints. I'll have a few more originals this time around, and also some prints. I'm emphasizing the words some prints.

But whatever; I'm looking forward to it. The Art Squared table will have all the books of course, including 'Famous Corpses'. I'll be there with my tiny corner reserved for the mini art, and I'll sign copies of 'Famous Corpses' as they sell. I'm interested to see how it sells at this crowd; the NYCC and Mega Con saw a bit of interest, but it was TCAF where people were all over it. I'm assuming because it's a more indie, irreverent crowd? And so is MoCCA. So we'll see.

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