Saturday, March 14, 2009

Austin, eh?

Wow, so someone in Austin is into this blog. You're here like, every day!

Does Austin get humid or is it more of a dry heat in the summer?


Eitje said...

I am located in Austin, but I'm not your Austin-based cyber stalker. It's just random that I showed up, and that I'm able to answer your question.

I arrived here by looking for "Lost in Tokyo" a few nights ago. You see, a friend of mine was visiting another of our friends in Tokyo. He was lost, of course, and I was trying to find some unique image through which I could make fun of that fact.

I did manage to make a dig at him, though not a great one. Your blog was only passingly referential to being lost in Tokyo, though, so my source material did not come from here.

Needless to say, I took some time to read your blog. I was heartily entertained, but I (drunkenly) couldn't remember my Google password, so I couldn't leave a note saying so.

Not that I'd imagine you'd be interested in our little community, but I wanted to take a moment to at least invite you in. You seem like you could have some passing entertainment from us, as well - it would only be fair.

Here's the appropriate thread, for travelling to (and getting lost in) Japan:
There's more fun to be had there, too.

Oh, and it is very much a dry heat in the summer, here. It should stop raining altogether about 4-6 weeks from now, and not start again until September.

red. said...

Interesting! Good to know. I will check it out; thanks for the in-depth response and invite. :)

Randito said...

Austinite here, too who just happened across your blog (via Comic-con...).

Austin's a cool place... a little mecca of quirk in a Texan sea of good-old boyisms.

Oh, it get's very hot and humid here.