Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Missed Encounter - 6 Train Around 7:30pm m4w

Tall short haired man in a black leather jacket meets the most beautiful woman he's ever met (redhead). You were engrossed in the instructions on the back of your can of oven cleaner. You wrinkled your forehead. I once bought oven cleaner too; my oven was really dirty. I was weirded out when the instructions explicitly told me to wear long rubber gloves and not to breathe in. I guessed that's what you wrinkled your forehead about. Really though, it's no sweat; I thought it'd be really hard to clean my oven but it wasn't. You just follow the instructions and it's pretty easy. You read the back of the can for approximately 1.5 stops, between 77th and 59th Streets. Then you got off at 59th. I wanted ask you if you were cleaning your oven because you liked to bake but I felt silly approaching you. Maybe I should have. Live n Learn.

This is a Craigslist ad that absolutely no one will write about me tonight, but I wish they would. Because that shit is great.

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Contemporary Anamoly said...

That was a good short piece